• Question: Hello! I just got my invite for Madagascar, and I'm kind of not overjoyed with my placement. I was wondering if you could tell me anything about life as PCV there? Anything helps! - genuinerelationship
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    Tell me bout ur sector and when you arrive? uhm… its cool here. there is a lot to do as far as national parks and travel etc. goes, but its not easy. Its one of the poorest countries in the world, and it kind of shows. That being said, I’m a firm believer that your PC experience is what you make of it. Plus, the volunteers here kick some serious ass (not to toot our horn too much), so you’ll always have a really fantastic community to lean on for support. Keep in contact and/or try to find me on facebook. I’ll answer any questions u have.

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Volunteer Action Committee meeting in Anja National Park, Madagascar.


Photos Courtesy of Christina Nielson

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Fahamadiana - Alakamisy Ambohimaha (my site), Madagascar


Photos Courtesy of Christina Neilson

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Photos courtesy of: Ashlyn Kelly


Got the absolute honor and privilege to be invited to travel with a fellow PCV and very close friend of mine. He wants to hike the Appalachian trail to let go of his father’s ashes. I’m so grateful for the opportunity and honored and excited. We are going to try to finish it in a grueling four months, but I have faith in us. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh wish me luck.


Making friends.

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Happy Independence Day to everyone from Madagascar!

The Republic of Madagascar was formed on June 26, 1960, after gaining independence from France. Madagascar was a colony of France from 1896 to 1960. On August 19, 1992, Madagascar’s constitution was adopted by a national vote.

Gained Independence in 1960.


Colonialism is still a thing.

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Source: dynamicafrica


One People, One Drink.” Manakara, Madagascar. March 2013.

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